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In the sample box was a packet called Supermix Moringa. Dr. Sean started using the Supermix everyday and ordered his own supply. Dr. Holly used it maybe twice a week with no change. Meanwhile Dr. Sean noticed changes in his inflammation in his low back, his cracking of his skin started to decrease, he noticed weight loss, decreased food cravings, increased energy and more clarity. In the Spring Dr. Holly had a sinus infection caused by the increase heavy pollen. So she started  taking the Supermix everyday and her sinuses cleared with no medication and she noticed increase energy and feeling great. Since then Dr. Holly hasnt missed a day and she is the healthiest she has been in years. We used the Supermix, Smartmix or XM everyday as well as our children, We since introduced Moringa to patients, and have had so many patients feel better and their inflammation has decreased to nothing. Zija has a moringa based Weight Loss program we now offer in our practice as well as healthy eating and food tips from us. The detox and daily tea is key to getting toxins out of the body and gut, in make that push to increase the metabolism. So many just can't make the scale move including Dr. Holly and her struggles. No matter how much exercise, no matter what she ate the scale wouldn't move now its moving down! Zija has led us to a toxic free lifestyle, Call Us and ask us how to get started 843-338-4411

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